Thursday, June 25, 2009

Music Day

today der was da prize givin ceremony followed by da music day...

eurhmm well nufin mch to say except dat the PB item was da best!!

tagz,, siddhi,, jelly n geez>>>ouresha+ iqrah...

CT superb!!!

tou le monde a dorE la e numEr0...


Billy said...

Hello girls, I need help from you finding a girl
from your college that I met some time ago but did not got time to
ask her her name.
I've just fell on your blog and I'm very happy cause
you're the only ones I know who attends the same
college as her.
Therefore I'll start from descripting her.
So, I know that she lives at beau-bassin.
She is about 1 metre 70.
Sometimes she brings a silver twirling baton at school.
And at last but not least she ressembles a bit like this actress;

I think its enough info, hoping that you'll be able to help me.

Velocity said...


t sure kel habite a beau bassin?!

Billy said...

Hi, oui j'en suis sur. C'est pas grave si tu la connais pas, mais avec tous ces infos et en plus de la photo, c'est super facile de la reconnaitre si on la voit.