Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quiz de L’Ange sans ‘G’ 2008

Helo 2 every1 whuz visitin our blog n welcum to our Quiz Competition- L’Ange sans ‘G’ 2008..

Hoster / Presentatrice- Velocity
Participants- Tags
Velocity-- Gimme an example of a balanced meal?!

Tags -- Bouyan soya, Rougay Brede et sachini dal..
SpiderGal-- Zaco dan sardine..
Alba -- ene poulet crustilant, avek ban salad frizE..
Nickel -- lEguuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm..
Lita -- Mo ma nutritionist pu mo knE?!@?
Perroquet-- A balanced mea is one which consist of all the nutrients needed in correct proportion……… bread, chicken and salad..

Velocity-- Quel est la signification de COS dans la langue fran├žaise?!!

Tags -- Cari Orite Sec
Nickel -- Carbonide Oxidised Sulfide
Lita -- Care Of Son
SpiderGal-- Chealsea Opposes Sheffield
Alba -- Classse O Dodo..
Peroquet -- Le COS est le second complement d’une phrase………….. ComplEment d’Objet Second..

Velocity-- What is the probability that the sun is sunny, the wind is windy and the cloud is cloudy??!!

Alba -- Soleil Fort..
Nickel -- Sholeil is fort?!@!! Met zafr la sec…
Tags -- What is sunny?!! To contant boire jus sunny?!! It was not sunny yesterD..
Peroquet -- The probability that the sun is sunny, the wind is windy and the cloud is cloudy is 1 to 0 decimal place.

Velocity-- Who invented the Avogadro’s constant- 6.022*10^23?!!!

Alba -- mo kne li.. lanier dernier nu ti p zuE canet ensemble..
Lita --mo ti truv li lor pier lot zur la..
Tags -- mo p envi manz avocado..
SpiderGal-- ki manzE ?!! bzn zuE bul r sa, ban imBcile..
Peroquet -- C’est le scientist- Mr. Avogadro..

Velocity-- If ever after ur mariage u wud find that ur lyf partner is being unfaithful towards u, wat wil u do?!!

Lita -- Dyu wanna partner?!! Oh parner.. 1 zoli film..
Alba -- pofff, ti pu fr li vin ene lapat, met li dan four, cupe li en pitih pitih cubes cubes, met paprika lor li et ,manz li..
Nickel -- Yummy.. To dne mw ene tibout r tw ?!!!
SpiderGal-- Ti pu bour li dan Old Trafford, fr li gagn labitude vin goal keeper ki fam keeper..
Tags -- “Ek chutki sindoor ki kimat tum kya janon?!! Yeh to ishwar ka taj hota hain, ek chutki sindoor”..
Peroquet -- No coments plzzzzz..

Velocity-- Wel blogviewers we’ve cum to da end of our quiz and the winner of l’Ange sans ‘G’ 2008 is, PEROQUET.. her gift—ene deksi wer she wud be abl to cook rice offerd by BFB & companies.. Congratulation!!!

Ooh wats hapnin to tags?!!!!!!!

Tags--- mardala,, mardalaaaaaa,,,,,,

Velocity—Music form da film Devdas plzzzzz..

Lol : P ;-} :=]
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Friday, July 4, 2008


In the VELOCITY THEORY OF MATTER, da 3 states of matter have oda properties along wiv da kinetic theory of matter..

In da solid state da particles cnt danse.. zE cn nly vibrate lyk shakira bt, abt a fixed position, lyk da center of a circle.. The intermolecular forces btw da vibrating atoms are tera strong lyk diamond.. der r vry little distance btw da atoms lyk dat of your cloves to ur skin.. The molecules are orderly arranged not lyk da students of our clases including us..

In da liquid state da particles can do transformation- rotate, translate and lodz mre, wivout da need of compass boxes, but zE do it wivin da volum of da liquid—zE no der limits.. The intermolecular forces, Van der Waals, are strng bt weaker compared to da solid state—graphite.. da particle are irregularly arranged lyk da f4r..

In da gaseous state da particles r lyk us—they can do wateva zE wnt- dansing, transformatns, surfin da net, sx n lodz mre, but further apart from ich oda.. der r vry weak forces of attractn btw ‘em- oops, der relatnship wnt last 4 long!!

In addition:
In da aqueous state, da particles can nly sing BARBIE GAL composed by aqua.. der r sum forces btw ‘em—the resultant force is the sin cos tan thrice da force exerted by da earth on us, log2 da output, divided by zero.. (no nid to use calculator) zE cn flow, conduct electricity.. da electrical energy has been generated usin a nuclear fusssion (da nucluesbreaking and heart-re-conciliation of da nucleus)..

Chemical Reaction

Last WedsD, da 2nd July 2008, our teacher tld us to do a tera simple experiment- reacting magnesium wiv hydrochloric acid;-;-

Wel aftr reactin da 2 reactants, Mehts and Naksh were acting lyk supr scientists-
ALBA EINSTEIN & VELOCITY NEWTON.. infact our teacher asked us to write sum observations, and thus velocity startd to smel, touch the soln n evn wantd to taste it.. aftr sum tym mehts dropped sum of the soln on da table, n now start da new SCIENTIFICA ERA OF DA NIECES OF EINSTEIN & NEWTON..

[1] MgCl2 does not react wiv da tip of da correction fluid, which is soidisant a metal..
[2] MgCl2 reacts wiv da exercise book of velocity, which is made up of wood.. effervescence can be seen..
[3] MgCl2 is not corrosive, toxic or dangerous cos velocity has tasted it, n mehts has touched it yle it was on da table, along wiv sum bacteria..
[4] When da salt was movin across da table by da pushing air force of da PB, the MgCl2 left no traces behind (not lyk water, cos zen da table becums wet)..

Well dat was da experiment dat was carried out btw Mehtaab and Meenakshi..

Note: These observations can be explained using the VELOCITY THEORY OF MATTER and LAW OF ALBADYNAMICS..

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The PB attitude