Monday, September 29, 2008

naughty stufzz at skull

wawa, zordii dan rEcrE,, all da PB were sitin on da benchhh wen SOUDAINNEMEN,lol,, naksh in bour 1 papier gato dan kuxi so robe..
girix in fr pareil pu nakshh,, n we dashed into da clasroom..

der,, girix came nir mins n,, splassshhh threw H2O on her..

oopss,, kumen dia mo ti fr pipi,,:-)

zen mins 'stole' da botlle of shaaddd n emptied 3/4 of da contents of da H2O on girix who was utterly drenched..


pfff,,, zen 3 period matz...

durin da klas,, kush who sits behind naksh,, startd to unzip mins dress,,,

tcheewww, lin kumen ouvert mo bra wen i started laughin,, pwahhhhh n da teacher told us to sht up or go outsyd da klas,,,

Actually we wanted to go outsydd,, bt we had too much self-respect,, lol...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Foto session btw velocity n tags

wawa,, last sunD, after our +matz tui,, tags came at my place..
actually we were suposed to work on our chemistry pro, bt zen a strange isea struck our mind- a foto session..

it was suposed to be only for fun, bt l8r we uploaded it to myspace, hi5, facebook, bebo and now blogger..

leave ur coments:-)