Wednesday, October 29, 2008


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Friday, October 24, 2008

PB birthDz

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Egg Day

Last D of da skul,, form 4 hehe..

2 ppers were on da menu-- chemistry in da mornin, folowed by biology..

pfff,, exams fini,, hapy Tuition D & holiDz 2 evrybody..

bon piss r tou sa:

kan papier bio in fini, da PB decided to celebrate girix birthD wich is due on da 22nd november..

so velocity n nickel (pa fr bio k) bought sum eggs n confetti..

girix thght dat it was 4 ameerah cos der was her birthD on dat D,,, but poor girix,, line ggn 5 dizef..

girix was cying: "hey arET, mwEna pual lakaz par bis zordi"

but nun continE,, playin wiv da confetti n lutsa crazy stufss..

here,, girix ti p fu*k tagz,,,

zen we had to w8 for gizz dad to cum to fetch her,,,,

in da meantym tagz ti p pren nissa r girix:

tagz ti p fr: "om namash shivay"

puis,, nun kumence zuE r later,, to end up wiv an 'unrecognisable' girix,,,pwaaahh

kan geez in fini al lamaison,, tagz ti bzn al mit nikz but cumdab,, tagz ti p fr so zes ki li pa pu kav zu1 nikz dan sa zenre la..


we went to mehts house n tags wore:

finaly we went home.,, finkin abt da next tym wen we gna b 2geda 1ce agn..

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Back to memory lane

On da 2nd October, during da lunch break, we’d decided to play, hmm:
“mayer glacon”
“police voler? «
Waii, it was damn funny n excitin..
Der was sum f4 blue studz along,, yle as usual, tags was on her mob,, n kuxi n sehnaaz were busy gossipin abt football..

Tcheeww zordi tiEna 1 tui-mate so birthD,, hence rid gave me an egg,, ( nt an ovule huh),,
Pfff,, abd went home earlier n I was left wiv a fuckin egg..
Yle w8tin for da trio bus to cum,, we-deeps, tags n me,, wntd to have sum fun..
We’d placed da egg on da side of da road, n were w8in for a vehicle to crush it..
Tcheewww,, 1 van ki ti standby kot shop la,, drive on it, followed by anoda van,, all da oda vehicles missed it,, n we thgt dat mayb it was da vantonik.. lol..
Moreover, da passengers noticed da egg, n Ze doubted us for bein respobsibl for wich we completely denied,.hahha,, + tera riE nun caC lor bustop,, ,