Thursday, June 25, 2009

Music Day

today der was da prize givin ceremony followed by da music day...

eurhmm well nufin mch to say except dat the PB item was da best!!

tagz,, siddhi,, jelly n geez>>>ouresha+ iqrah...

CT superb!!!

tou le monde a dorE la e numEr0...

Excursion '09

da usual wednesD mornin...

da bus took off at arnd 9 and we were off in a very enthusiastic mood,, singin all way to Ylang-Ylang...

all kinds of sngs were on da menu rangin from da '60 to da latest ones.

once at domaine Ylang-Ylang, we had to walk bout 2hrs fru da woods,,, colonial houses n da virgin forest...

Note: all the pictures about our trip is available on facebook... nickname--velocity28

we had a gr8 time taking pictures and hurryin fru da slippery, muddy ground once our form teacher would come and scold us ^^

after dat, we moved to a beach,, euhmm,,, idk its name :P:P

we had lunch der and c tou...

we had to return to skul at 14.15 sharp n hence all da fun was in da bus------

back at school, we decided to go to da park,, lyk we did da previuos yr,, bt geez had to return home n on our way to da park---jelly, kuxi, meths, tagz n mins--- we saw mR. ramdhan...

meths n jelly whu were suposed to be at his place at 3 for chem tuitn had to hid emselves bt da wolf saw em...ahhhhh

bof of em retrned home,.,. as well as kuxi... tagz came at mins place and l8r,,,4.15,, only kuxi went to ramdhanz place kot banla in ggn mari zurE mama + baT akoz organics...wahaha

Monday, June 15, 2009

Reload: Discover the new packet beaterz

velocity--> tujur le sci-tech lover...

geez--> die hard fan of john cena...

kuxi--> die hard fan of MUFC

sehnaaz--> rooneyy rooneyy t ou chEwi?!! lol... la chanteuse numEro 1 de lsr...

mehtaab--> da jamil n adp gr
8test fan

tagz--> weinner of dance fever xD

anjali--> da strong-minded, but f
unny outgoin gal

amirah--> da funniest n kewlest gal,,,, die hard fan of twilight

sarah--> oubiii!!!! la plus chique de tte les filles...

nice gal..


packet beaterz show