Friday, February 19, 2010


Date: 19th February 2010

Morning before Cross:

During Cross:

After Cross:

Un autre jurnE kOm lE autres a LSR

Date: 10th February 2010

Geez sO ban Chez-d'Oeuvres..xD

Side by Side or Miles Apart Friends are <3 Forever <3 Close to the Heart!!..

Mills & Boons: 

1) zOt p flirt

2) sOirE en amOureux

3) mOmen Intense

4) Marriage

5) Lune de Miel..(1)

6) Lune de Miel..(2)

7) x+y= BB

Others: Eclipse de Stephanie Mayer et Malice de Daniel Steel..!

Nu al lEkOl pu liire nOU..x

Mins <3 NIlesh

Geez <3 Shiva

Mehts <3 Edward

Kuxi <3 Jasper

Monday, February 1, 2010

★ Party Time ★

Friday 22nd January 2010

No Words...

No Quotes...

Only some Pictures to Sum Up that WONDERFUL DAY..!

==> DefilE de mOde  :P

==> Party Time  =)

==> Moments de Dlire :D :D :D