Wednesday, October 29, 2008


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Friday, October 24, 2008

PB birthDz

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Egg Day

Last D of da skul,, form 4 hehe..

2 ppers were on da menu-- chemistry in da mornin, folowed by biology..

pfff,, exams fini,, hapy Tuition D & holiDz 2 evrybody..

bon piss r tou sa:

kan papier bio in fini, da PB decided to celebrate girix birthD wich is due on da 22nd november..

so velocity n nickel (pa fr bio k) bought sum eggs n confetti..

girix thght dat it was 4 ameerah cos der was her birthD on dat D,,, but poor girix,, line ggn 5 dizef..

girix was cying: "hey arET, mwEna pual lakaz par bis zordi"

but nun continE,, playin wiv da confetti n lutsa crazy stufss..

here,, girix ti p fu*k tagz,,,

zen we had to w8 for gizz dad to cum to fetch her,,,,

in da meantym tagz ti p pren nissa r girix:

tagz ti p fr: "om namash shivay"

puis,, nun kumence zuE r later,, to end up wiv an 'unrecognisable' girix,,,pwaaahh

kan geez in fini al lamaison,, tagz ti bzn al mit nikz but cumdab,, tagz ti p fr so zes ki li pa pu kav zu1 nikz dan sa zenre la..


we went to mehts house n tags wore:

finaly we went home.,, finkin abt da next tym wen we gna b 2geda 1ce agn..

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Back to memory lane

On da 2nd October, during da lunch break, we’d decided to play, hmm:
“mayer glacon”
“police voler? «
Waii, it was damn funny n excitin..
Der was sum f4 blue studz along,, yle as usual, tags was on her mob,, n kuxi n sehnaaz were busy gossipin abt football..

Tcheeww zordi tiEna 1 tui-mate so birthD,, hence rid gave me an egg,, ( nt an ovule huh),,
Pfff,, abd went home earlier n I was left wiv a fuckin egg..
Yle w8tin for da trio bus to cum,, we-deeps, tags n me,, wntd to have sum fun..
We’d placed da egg on da side of da road, n were w8in for a vehicle to crush it..
Tcheewww,, 1 van ki ti standby kot shop la,, drive on it, followed by anoda van,, all da oda vehicles missed it,, n we thgt dat mayb it was da vantonik.. lol..
Moreover, da passengers noticed da egg, n Ze doubted us for bein respobsibl for wich we completely denied,.hahha,, + tera riE nun caC lor bustop,, ,

Monday, September 29, 2008

naughty stufzz at skull

wawa, zordii dan rEcrE,, all da PB were sitin on da benchhh wen SOUDAINNEMEN,lol,, naksh in bour 1 papier gato dan kuxi so robe..
girix in fr pareil pu nakshh,, n we dashed into da clasroom..

der,, girix came nir mins n,, splassshhh threw H2O on her..

oopss,, kumen dia mo ti fr pipi,,:-)

zen mins 'stole' da botlle of shaaddd n emptied 3/4 of da contents of da H2O on girix who was utterly drenched..


pfff,,, zen 3 period matz...

durin da klas,, kush who sits behind naksh,, startd to unzip mins dress,,,

tcheewww, lin kumen ouvert mo bra wen i started laughin,, pwahhhhh n da teacher told us to sht up or go outsyd da klas,,,

Actually we wanted to go outsydd,, bt we had too much self-respect,, lol...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Foto session btw velocity n tags

wawa,, last sunD, after our +matz tui,, tags came at my place..
actually we were suposed to work on our chemistry pro, bt zen a strange isea struck our mind- a foto session..

it was suposed to be only for fun, bt l8r we uploaded it to myspace, hi5, facebook, bebo and now blogger..

leave ur coments:-)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Estuary of Terre Rouge

YesterD all da PB went to Tere Rug estuary for da Youth Day- time for action..

Wel we did sum cleanin to reduce da greenhouse effect, help da migratin birds n plants mangrove..

It was damn fun..

L8r on, we’d stoped at Jumbo, riche tere..

Man wat a fuck---- we wer in our skul uniform n everbody was fiNkin dat we’ve bunked skul.. in adition we wer in a total mess, all dirty cos of da cleanin stufz N our shoes wer,,, oooooooohhhhh covered wiv mud & sand..

As we wer walkin by, everybody wud c: “guet sa ban la 1 kut.. mo sur zon kap lEkol”

Lol :-]

N we wud reply, “dpi lantan nu ti khOneeee” lolllllllllllllll---- ref BFB & companiz.. ppppwwwwwwaahhh

Furthermore we went in da electronic shops, nir da TVz n yh,, zE had put Mr. Bean as dat Day prg..

Waiiiii,,,, nun supa riE..

Zen we moved to da sound system part n we started dancing, yle mehts was busy watchin luna & giri was lukin out for a card for shiv..

We wer da center of attention, bt we pis off on everybody.. after dat we came akros babyz cloves wer tags saw a wonderful cradle for her future future babies—karthik & shruti..

[nyc name, bt myn wil be scientific 1z]

Dat row was ful wiv babiz stuffs n da cloves wer rily to cuteeeeeeeee..

Talking abt babiz, I remember sumfing..

1 D, a tuesD, b4 goin to our matz tui, tags, kuxi N naxi went to da children park at annnd square.. we were on da up n down stuff wen suddenly a man jst came out n c:

“Dsan dpi ladan.. pu ban zanfan sa.. si zot kas li, ban zenfan kot pu zuE.. vini mo fr zot balanC.. »

We wer rily ngry bt did n c anyfing cos we wer getin l8 4 tui n we dd nt wnt to stretch da mater..

Bt da fuckin azz, jst as we wer movin out he shouted n c: “ zot kumen dia mama 10 piti..”

Instead of bein hurt, we burst out into laughter on dat fuckstard face n went away for tui..

Da folowin D yle goin to skul:
Kuxi--- to pa knE tw, gramatin 5 mo ban piti ti p ggn faim, alor zon manz 5 lEzot la.. n continue on lyk dat..

Wel wel pason a tous sa..

After our gr8 journey at jumbo, we returned to skul n zen tuition,, matz mem..

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Msgs interchnge btw naxi & giri

i fiNk dat it was durin da english klas or sumfing...

we were damn tired n bored,,, so lita sent velo a msg fru a paper & vice-versa..
[da 1st msg paper is lost]


On da 6th August 2008, 5 of da PB + sum members of da EC had gone to Piton de la petite Riviere Noire — da highest mountain of MRU..

Initially wen we entered da forest, kuxi, nakshi & tags were leading wiv sum officerz whereas giri n mehts were behind wiv along 50-55 oda participants.. durin da journey, mehts & tags were ahead still energetic whereas kuxi, nakshi & giri were all exhausted.. zE sat down n decided nt to continu da way up to da peak.. bt da officer in charge tld ‘em dat zE wnt tke da same path to return [which was completely false!!].. gatherin sum courage zE move ahead bt were da last 1s..

Piton de la petite riviere noire is a very marvelous & easy to climb mountain.. sumtyms it may be very slippery cos of da pigs, n sumtyms it can be very rocky.. much efforts is needed to climb da steepest part wich is damn tiring..

Niway, wen we wer bout 624m, da view was simply breath-taking.. everyfing was so perfect— da air, da nature n etc..

To reach da peak, we had to make use of a rope,, it was da most excitin part of da journey cos we had da sensention of being gr8 alpinists bt at da same tym it was damn dangerous..

On da top, we cud admire da Morne, da beautiful seas & cliffs out der, da birds, da different tones & shades of green due to da forest & oda settlements..

All of da PB made several wishes using leaves lol:-}.. along wiv all da wishes we’d, der was 1 wish in common & dat is: “ hope dat al da packet beaterz will be 2geda wateva happens, & forever,, n hop dat we’l die 2geda..”

Zen we were agn da 1st to climb down da peak,, n were da last to reach da view point..

Along da returnin jouney, agn mehts n tags were far ahead, whereas giri, kuxi & naxi were far behind,, lets c da last..

We’d gr8 fun returnin bak,, n yh I remember sumfing,,,

Tags bro cd: “ hey mne truv ne cochon maron..”

Kuxi replyd: “to sur pna ene laglace dvan tw?!!@#@”


In da bus,, pfff,, ancient bolywud fever-----

Monday, August 4, 2008


On da 23rd July 2008, sum of da memberz of da environment club went to Petrin,, Mare Longue for a Hiking..

Wowwwwwwww,,, it was simply to gud, but unfortunately kuxi & sehn cudnt make it..

Initially in da bus we wer feelin extrmly bored,,, but zen we watched da clip dat we’ve made durin our dance party…….. pwahhhhhhhhhh.. all types of stuffs cud be seen- - - thongs, shakin butts, rabbits*** lolllllllll

Durin da jouney, yogi, giriz bro, was havin a gr8 tym teasin tags calin her “ta soccet”..

On our arrival, it was doin extremely cold & as soon as we started our way to Mare longue,, we came across

Fanks to ashvin or Monsieur,, we rily enjoyed da hiking wiv da torrential rainfall, vigorous wind, & lodz of sexy guyz..

Form 4 Blue, LSR

Form 4 Blue Cleaning Session

On the 17th July 2008, all the students of f4 Blue who were present on dat D had decided to do sum clean-up.. Actualy dis idea has struck our mind yle we’re dancing, n singin on da tables,,, especially on da teacher’s table.. we wer so tired wen suddenly giri cd:

“hey mo p ggn ene envi netoiye klas..”

Nakhs rep: “to ban envi la selman.. ?!@@@##”

F4 blue: “OKIE!!”

Nun comenC par balyay klas,, tags n kush were busy cleanin da window, yle giri & Naksh wer sweepin da floor et sehnaz ti p essuyE..

Lerla nun ggn ene lot envi: ZET DLO DAN KLAS..

We’d tken 2 buckets n da students wer filin it with water,,,, tags n Naksh took those buckets & spilled da water on da floor yle giri was dancing on it..

Kush kneeled down n startd brushin da tyles lyk in da bolywood movie,, yle tags had tkn a ‘balier coco’ & was agn wiping da al of us were singin: ti balier la,, ti balier la.. + froT froT alala..:-}

In da end, we modified da structure of our clas---- tables + chairz,,, & our klasrum was shinin lyk a star..

Form 4 Blue Roxxx..

Fanks to all our classmates..

Dance Party

Last D of 2nd term----- [D][A][N[C][E] [P][A][R][T][Y]

We startd da D quite wellll,,, & aftr da 4th period, we’d startd our dance party..

All types of songs were on da menu,,, n da party startd wiv biri jalylE from Omkara.. zen der was dan la jungle, de bb lily..

Wawaiiiiiiiii,,, it was toooooo hard rockin’..

Tags performed alive wiv her tektonik steps,, siddhi joined in & eventually all da students..

But unfortunately,, sumfing was burnin outsyd da klas cos sum students wer soo envied dat zE strtd doin zer singeri, cum d’hab..

Bt we pised on ‘em,,, n continu our dance party to eventually end up all exhausted..

1ce agn fanks to all f4 blue,, tags for her sound system,, kush, tags, giri & Naksh for der CDz,,

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quiz de L’Ange sans ‘G’ 2008

Helo 2 every1 whuz visitin our blog n welcum to our Quiz Competition- L’Ange sans ‘G’ 2008..

Hoster / Presentatrice- Velocity
Participants- Tags
Velocity-- Gimme an example of a balanced meal?!

Tags -- Bouyan soya, Rougay Brede et sachini dal..
SpiderGal-- Zaco dan sardine..
Alba -- ene poulet crustilant, avek ban salad frizE..
Nickel -- lEguuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm..
Lita -- Mo ma nutritionist pu mo knE?!@?
Perroquet-- A balanced mea is one which consist of all the nutrients needed in correct proportion……… bread, chicken and salad..

Velocity-- Quel est la signification de COS dans la langue fran├žaise?!!

Tags -- Cari Orite Sec
Nickel -- Carbonide Oxidised Sulfide
Lita -- Care Of Son
SpiderGal-- Chealsea Opposes Sheffield
Alba -- Classse O Dodo..
Peroquet -- Le COS est le second complement d’une phrase………….. ComplEment d’Objet Second..

Velocity-- What is the probability that the sun is sunny, the wind is windy and the cloud is cloudy??!!

Alba -- Soleil Fort..
Nickel -- Sholeil is fort?!@!! Met zafr la sec…
Tags -- What is sunny?!! To contant boire jus sunny?!! It was not sunny yesterD..
Peroquet -- The probability that the sun is sunny, the wind is windy and the cloud is cloudy is 1 to 0 decimal place.

Velocity-- Who invented the Avogadro’s constant- 6.022*10^23?!!!

Alba -- mo kne li.. lanier dernier nu ti p zuE canet ensemble..
Lita --mo ti truv li lor pier lot zur la..
Tags -- mo p envi manz avocado..
SpiderGal-- ki manzE ?!! bzn zuE bul r sa, ban imBcile..
Peroquet -- C’est le scientist- Mr. Avogadro..

Velocity-- If ever after ur mariage u wud find that ur lyf partner is being unfaithful towards u, wat wil u do?!!

Lita -- Dyu wanna partner?!! Oh parner.. 1 zoli film..
Alba -- pofff, ti pu fr li vin ene lapat, met li dan four, cupe li en pitih pitih cubes cubes, met paprika lor li et ,manz li..
Nickel -- Yummy.. To dne mw ene tibout r tw ?!!!
SpiderGal-- Ti pu bour li dan Old Trafford, fr li gagn labitude vin goal keeper ki fam keeper..
Tags -- “Ek chutki sindoor ki kimat tum kya janon?!! Yeh to ishwar ka taj hota hain, ek chutki sindoor”..
Peroquet -- No coments plzzzzz..

Velocity-- Wel blogviewers we’ve cum to da end of our quiz and the winner of l’Ange sans ‘G’ 2008 is, PEROQUET.. her gift—ene deksi wer she wud be abl to cook rice offerd by BFB & companies.. Congratulation!!!

Ooh wats hapnin to tags?!!!!!!!

Tags--- mardala,, mardalaaaaaa,,,,,,

Velocity—Music form da film Devdas plzzzzz..

Lol : P ;-} :=]
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