Sunday, May 11, 2008

Packet Beaterzv/s Beta Fucker Boyz

7th May 2008-

AprE tui kot mr. ramdhan, laksh swore at Naksh saying,

“ Menakshi to ene pitin..”

Excited, Naksh went towards him to giv him a slap. The slap wich was destined to laksh, slightly missed his trajectory, caressing only laksh cheeks, hit Dhavish..

Super angry, laksh tried to giv a reply to naksh n agn missed it slightly..

Laksh came in front of her, n grab her hand, bt Naksh changed da situation.. She turned laksh hand, n in turn grab it n cd,

“nu al fr ene letour kot ramdhan..”

Zen kush came in to help naksh..

In da meantims, a guy, Nahid Boodhoo was capturing da worst fuckin part of da fyt (wer laksh slightly slapped naksh) wiv his mob, n wich l8r he difused it dan trio sss.. n all da guyz wich wer present, around 20, ti p guet cinE cumen ban fam..

As we walked fru da lanes, laksh swore at Naksh, agn,

“to ene pitin..”

Dis tym, naksh, who hates spelling dis wrd, swre at laksh in front of everybody,

“tw to ene pilon..”

Extremely glad, laksh cd,

“mo khonEE mo ene pilon.. dpi lantemp mo khonEE..”

As sun as he hd cd zoz wrds, kush replied,

“dpi lantem to khonEE ki to ene pilon?!”

N everybody went out laughing, includind their so called frnd- sameer jungle..

Sudenly kush decided to kick laksh ass, bt da prob was dat laksh’s ass was to0 small n hs bag was hidin his dick.. so instead of hiting his fuckin ass, kush hit his bag, n laksh angrily turned behind, ready to hit hr.. bt zen naksh stoped him, along wiv chandoo, who is the only true handsome man in da grup..

All da ‘boyz’ wnt home happily n l8r relatd it to everybody, specially Sameer ki pli gran fam palabr dan trio..

Conclusion- Kush hlp naksh wen she was in diff, n vice-versa, showin true frndshp n sisterhood.. Dan grup beta boyz nek chandoo ki ene gentleman, n da odaz suk, specially zoz who wer njoying watchin dis scene..

To be continued on wedS, 14th May at 4 oklock in frnt of LSR b4 tui.. any1 who wna cum is da mst welcum..

Fuck u laksh..

Favorite Quotes and Sayings:

Kuxi- “Rules are meant to be broken!!”

Wats da use of employing a clas captain if we r alredy disciplined???

Sehnaaz- “Everybody shud praktiz Sehnaaz Laughing Theraphy”

Zot trist, zot supr content, im hir to make u mre happier.. jst hir me laughing n u’l b burst out laughing uncontrollably until u

Mehts- “bez so min, faissar makrel lichien coson la..”

Naksh- “mis oun fr ene faute lor tableau..”
Giri- "its ringin!!"
Karish-"al man bouyon soya, rugay bred et sachini dal to fr bien.."

Velocity’s Law of Motion

“Any body moving with a constant speed under air resistance is termed as Terminal Velocity and it can be denoted by the following fuckin’ formula:

V’ Law of Motion- Iron(II)Sulphide- base area >

i.e.: kan zot fer Velocity’s Law of Motion, zot FeS so base area li increase”

[Adapted by a true story, inspired by ilyaad]